Tatiana Borisova

Borisova Tatjana , born in 1954 in Moscow. Higher education – Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, “Art and Graphics faculty”.

The first half of life she engaged in graphics. In 1982 he had a solo exhibition at the exhibition hall in Varvarka. The second half of life dedicated to art. At the same time I worked as an architect-restorer (1-st category, certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

I work as an architect-restorer for over 40 years.
Has worked her way from technology architect to Chief Architect .
Since 1972 worked in the IN – “Soyuzrestavratsiya” , 2000 Center of traditional Russian culture “PREOBRAZHENSKOYE”.
Executed numerous projects, having translated many of them into reality.

At the beginning of her professional life worked on Kalinin region monuments of architecture under the guidance of VI Yakubenya.
In the 90s engaged in the survey of architectural landmarks of Moscow and Moscow region, of Arkhangelsk, Tver, Vologda and Vladimir regions.
Took part in publication of the catalogue “MOSCOW REGION MONUMENTS” , Issue 2, 1999-2002s. Publishing , Moscow, “Stroyizdat”. More information about my sites has been published in Moskomnasledie editions articles.

Winner of the contest “Moscow Restoration.”

Татьяна Борисова